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Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Basket Poems

Growing up my mom always hid our baskets and wrote poems from the "Easter bunny" with clues to where our baskets were....... well now I am here carrying that over... Last year my husband wrote them and this year I will.... Here are my poems I typed up on my phone while I got my cardio in at the YMCA

Poem for SD1 (age 10 )
Hippity Hoppity
In the wind I went
Where one sits when bitty
For you it's not meant
You have used one before when little
You have to use your brain
I am sure you will get this riddle
Let's hope it doesn't rain.

Poem for SD2(age 7)
For you my dear
Your Basket's near
But don't you fear
That smell won't smear

It maybe fully empty
Or filled to the tippity
Don't give it a lickity
Or you may get sickity.

Poem for BD1(age 4)
I Just wanted to get clean
Wasn't trying to be mean
Sorry I broke a chocolate egg
At least it was not my precious leg.

Poem for BD2(age 1)
Here is your basket.........

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