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Monday, April 21, 2014

City VS Suburbia then a tangled mess

So I saw someone post this picture above about the lovely Brockton and I saw this comment below. I am the one who made the comment you have a point. In the city yeah everything is more thrown in your face where in suburbia this guy is right more of the other bad stuff happens more often but it is more hidden and made to look oh so perfect when in reality it is not. There are drug addicts in suburbia also it is just better managed for the most part.  
Ok and as I was typing this my 4 year old decided to brush her hair. I stayed at my mom's last night to save gas since I am taking care of her cats while she is away and well I didn't think to tell my daughter to not brush her hair with one of those round brushes.... Hopefully a bunch of conditioner can get the brush out :/ It is worse than it looks.... Well this ends my post for today... Or Maybe more will happen later.


  1. One benefit of living in the country is the solace :)

    1. I prefer the country over the city :o)