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Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Tale of the Bleeding Heart

I told this story with a bleeding heart to my girls and they loved it!

Long ago there lived a noble prince who tried in vain to win the heart of a very beautiful princess. The prince had brought the princess wonderful gifts from his travels far and wide. Yet she had taken no notice of him. One day the prince returned from a long journey with very special gifts to surely win the love of the princess. First he presented her with two magical pink bunnies. Peel off the two outer petals and set them on their sides to display two little pink bunnies.The princess only sighed and barely looked at the little bunnies. The hopeful prince had one more gift saved for last – he presented a pair of beautiful enchanted earrings. Remove the two long white petals and hold them next to your ears.Again, the princess hardly noticed the prince’s gift. Now the poor prince was utterly heartbroken. He could try no more to win the heart of the princess. He rose up, pulled a dagger from his sheath and stabbed himself in the heart. Remaining in the flower is a heart shape with the stamen, appearing as a dark green line down the center. Hold the heart up, carefully remove the dagger-like line, and plunge the dagger through the heart.The princess was overcome by the dedication of the dying prince and his unending love for her. She realized too late that she loved him also. “Alas,” she cried out. “I have done wrong, my own heart is broken also. I shall bleed for my prince forever more!” And her heart bleeds to this very day.There are many blossoms on a Bleeding Heart in full bloom, so next time you pass such a delightful array, perhaps you’ll have permission to pick a heart and discover the mysteries within…

Friday, May 2, 2014

Death has been on my mind.

Ok so I am very ADHD and my mind is everywhere and my horribleness of no commas except for the occasional that is probably put in wrong. Ok well my Uncle recently died. Basically all the drugs he did in his past caught up with him and his liver failed. Unfortunately I did not get to say goodbye while alive nor am I able to travel to say goodbye during the services :o(. On top of this May 8th marks the 1yr my friend Jill passed away. I feel guilty that I wasn't there for her during her though times. I alienated so many people after having kids especially ones I partied with a lot that seemed to party still. I know she was in an abusive relationship but I didn't realize how bad or how bad her depression was but I wish I was there for her. Did I mention we had a little affair once before either of us became moms? Well yes we did and countless make out sessions. Now I am going onto my friend D (Darlene). I loved this girl also she treated me like a daughter, friend and sister all at once. We took care of each other. She had a big heart also She used to make sure all the neighborhood kids were fed. She was a bit older than me having a son only a cple yrs younger than me. She ended up dying in a fire. The smoke is what killed her 3 yrs ago in the wee hours of St. Patrick's Day. Also there was this kid whom I really wasn't super close to but in high school I always thought he was hot everyone loved him he was the class clown and everyone's friend. We had hooked up once and a couple years ago he committed suicide.(2nd person with sexual relations who died) he was the last person I ever suspected to be depressed. Now back when I was 17 I dated this kid who was Sicilian that converted into Judaism after being brought up Catholic. He was a strange kid who mainly listened to vinyl records (both of us are born in 85 So this was odd) and watched anime porn LoL. He didn't do drugs at all except a lil pot with me. We also fooled around I wasn't a complete angel at 17 esp with a BF. Well I felt I ended our relationship stupidly and kind of like I used him. I ran into him maybe 2 yrs later at a friend's house n I was with my bf so I acted like this kid wasn't there :( few years later I found out he died from a heroin OD(3rd person with sexual relations dead) I also found an article with him interviewed a year before about the military not helping their veterans (woah he was so not the military type). Well he had gone to war even survived a midnight ambush. He got into an accident back home and had screws put in his legs.  His leg kept getting infected and he wanted them removed but they wouldn't remove it! He was in so much pain I think that's how he turned to heroin :( Sometimes this shit just pops in my head and I get sad. You know what though I feel like I barely cried over any even though it makes me deeply sad. Yet stress will make me ball my eyes out!  Oh and have I told you I'm a dutch princess LoL well that will be my next post. RIP to all that has passed :o(

Here is a link to my old boyfriend's interview :o(

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Transgender man breastfeeds!

Here is the link!!/life/redirect/9dd05dbef52d60480cf3ebbd2f161725

  Some people have different views but I find this utterly fucked up! I have nothing against the transgender community though! So I see it this way, you are born a woman but growing up you feel like you should have been a man and is disgusted by being of the female sex. You get hormone treatments to start looking like a man you just haven't gotten entire transformation because let's face it is expensive! Now you get yourself pregnant and breastfeed! This just doesn't sit well with me. People who become transgender is because they hate themselves as the sex they were born, feel like the opposite sex and is disgusted with the sex in which they were born. Well bearing and breastfeeding children is a very feminine thing. This person has got to be mentally ill and should not even have a child in their care!  A normal transgender would Just adopt. Never mind this is all over the internet and this child will probably grow up hating the father that birthed him! So many people don't understand this child did not choose this on his own and he will be ridiculed unfortunately throughout all his years. This really makes me sad for the child :o(

Monday, April 21, 2014

City VS Suburbia then a tangled mess

So I saw someone post this picture above about the lovely Brockton and I saw this comment below. I am the one who made the comment you have a point. In the city yeah everything is more thrown in your face where in suburbia this guy is right more of the other bad stuff happens more often but it is more hidden and made to look oh so perfect when in reality it is not. There are drug addicts in suburbia also it is just better managed for the most part.  
Ok and as I was typing this my 4 year old decided to brush her hair. I stayed at my mom's last night to save gas since I am taking care of her cats while she is away and well I didn't think to tell my daughter to not brush her hair with one of those round brushes.... Hopefully a bunch of conditioner can get the brush out :/ It is worse than it looks.... Well this ends my post for today... Or Maybe more will happen later.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Basket Poems

Growing up my mom always hid our baskets and wrote poems from the "Easter bunny" with clues to where our baskets were....... well now I am here carrying that over... Last year my husband wrote them and this year I will.... Here are my poems I typed up on my phone while I got my cardio in at the YMCA

Poem for SD1 (age 10 )
Hippity Hoppity
In the wind I went
Where one sits when bitty
For you it's not meant
You have used one before when little
You have to use your brain
I am sure you will get this riddle
Let's hope it doesn't rain.

Poem for SD2(age 7)
For you my dear
Your Basket's near
But don't you fear
That smell won't smear

It maybe fully empty
Or filled to the tippity
Don't give it a lickity
Or you may get sickity.

Poem for BD1(age 4)
I Just wanted to get clean
Wasn't trying to be mean
Sorry I broke a chocolate egg
At least it was not my precious leg.

Poem for BD2(age 1)
Here is your basket.........

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


My bio#1 who is 4 years old took her sweet time at dinner,  so she basically sat at the table till 730. By that time I told her your getting in the shower and going to bed because we have to get up at 6am. I plan on reading them their story and having both in bed by 8. That shit So didn't happen! I searched for the brush for about a half hour while screaming what the FUCK before they got their bedtime story. Now it's just past 8:30 and they Just got in bed.  Thank goodness they don't repeat my words LoL!


  Well I am new to this blogging thing.  I did however have two facebook pages I run/ran. Unfortunately facebook has added some major restrictions and is making it boring for me.  If You ever wanna check them out they are and . I am a 29 year old pisces female, happily married to my ass muncher with two bio daughters and two bonus daughters ages 10,7,4 and 1. We live in Massachusetts and I am a majorly ADHD SAHM. I love twisted humor, all things fluffy, box wine, the ocean and the woods. ... oh yeah and of course all four kids abs my husband. Oh and as I was thinking about starting a blog my 1 year old ate some kitty litter.... we don't have a cat but we visit my mom's house often during the week to save on had LoL yes we share one minivan and my mom is closer to his work and the ymca.  I might come on later with some more posts but as of now I need to get these kids out to go get daddy.  Muah!