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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Transgender man breastfeeds!

Here is the link!!/life/redirect/9dd05dbef52d60480cf3ebbd2f161725

  Some people have different views but I find this utterly fucked up! I have nothing against the transgender community though! So I see it this way, you are born a woman but growing up you feel like you should have been a man and is disgusted by being of the female sex. You get hormone treatments to start looking like a man you just haven't gotten entire transformation because let's face it is expensive! Now you get yourself pregnant and breastfeed! This just doesn't sit well with me. People who become transgender is because they hate themselves as the sex they were born, feel like the opposite sex and is disgusted with the sex in which they were born. Well bearing and breastfeeding children is a very feminine thing. This person has got to be mentally ill and should not even have a child in their care!  A normal transgender would Just adopt. Never mind this is all over the internet and this child will probably grow up hating the father that birthed him! So many people don't understand this child did not choose this on his own and he will be ridiculed unfortunately throughout all his years. This really makes me sad for the child :o(

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